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Our Objectives

  • Harmonization of existing government policies and practices on public procurement and ensuring probity, accountability and transparency in the procurement process;
  • Establishment of pricing standards and benchmarking.
  • Ensuring the application of fair, competitive, transparent, value for money standards and practice for the procurement and disposal of public assets and services; and
  • Attainment of transparency, competitiveness, cost effectiveness and professionalism in the public procurement system.

Our Functions

  • Formulation of general policies relating to public procurement for the approval of the State Executive Council, including regulations, guidelines, directives, instructions, technical notes and manuals;
  • Maintaining a list of procurement entities and, subject to the approval of Executive Council, make regulations or guidelines for the composition, functions, powers, and procedure of the procurement Board of any procurement entity;
  • Publicizing and explaining the provisions of the Public Procurement Law;
  • Certifying all procurement prior to award of contract in line with the thresholds approved by the council;
  • Certifying all contract awards within the monetary review thresholds defined by the State Executive Council on public procurement;
  • Certifying all procurement in line with the established threshold before award and conducting process compliance review for procurement below the threshold.
  • Monitoring procurement and ensuring compliance with statutory and contract requirements;
  • Monitoring the prices of tendered items and keeping a data base of standard prices;
  • Maintaining a database of the particulars classification and categorization of suppliers, contractors and service providers;
  • Collating and maintaining in an archival system all procurement plans and information covered by the public procurement law;
  • Undertaking procurement research and surveys;
  • Organizing training and development programmes for procurement professionals;
  • Periodical review of the socio-economic effect of the policies on procurement and advising the Executive Council accordingly;
  • Advising the State Government on issues relating to public procurement;

Our Powers

  • Enforcement of the monetary and prior review threshold approved by the Executive Council for the application of the provisions of the public procurement Law by procurement entities;
  • Issuance of “Certificate of No Objective” for contract award within the prior review threshold for all procurement within the purview of the Law and “Certificate of No Objective” for payments at different stages of payment;
  • Stipulating to procurement entities the procedures and documentation prerequisites for the issuances of the “Certificate of No Objection”;
  • Inspect or review any procurement transaction to ensure compliance with the Law, if the need arises;
  • Review and determine violations by procurement entities;
  • Recommend to the Executive Council where there are persistent or serious beaches of the Law and guidelines;
  • Investigate and act upon complaints received;
  • Nullify the whole or any part of any procurement proceeding or award which contravenes the Law; and
  • Do such other directives and perform such other functions as may be necessary to achieve the objectives of the Law;
  • Request for and obtain from any procurement entity information including reports, memoranda and audited accounts, and other information; and
  • Liaise or collaborate with relevant bodies or institutions national or international for effective performance.


Our Mission

To work towards the sustainable development of Bayelsa State by ensuring procurement best practice by all MDAs (Ministries, Department and Agencies) enabling Sustainable Development

Our Goals

To improve Good Governance, including transparency, accountability.

To eliminate all forms of fraud and corruption in the public service through the implementation of procurement best practice and regulations.

To improve the state’s economy and ensuring savings through better procurement practices in all state transactions and other economic activities.

Our Policies

To support the Bayelsa restoration agenda through transparency initiative by ensuring procurement best practice and the proper coordination of the Bayelsa State Sustainable Development Strategies.