The e-Procurement System is the use of Information and Communications Technology (especially the internet) by governments in conducting their procurement relationships with suppliers for the acquisition of goods, works and consultancy services required by the public sector.

The e-Procurement platform offers contracting authorities (Bayelsa State Government) and companies quick and easy access to the different applications to have public procurements take place electronically.

There are a total of five applications available to have all public procurement procedures take place on the internet. Each application has its own functionality in the different stages of the public procurement process

  • e-Notification, to publish and consult a public procurement
  • e-Tendering, to submit and open electronic tenders/requests to participate
  • e-Catalogue, to manage catalogues and have ordering take place electronically
  • e-Awarding, to evaluate tenders/requests to participate and award the order
  • e-Auction, to have reverse auctions take place electronically