Welcome to Bayelsa State Due Process Bureau

It is interesting to note that today marks another very significant and important milestone in the history of the Due Process Office and the practice of public procurement in Bayelsa State. Bayelsa State is one of those few states in the Federation that has put forward a legislation that guides its public procurement procedure and practice. It is important to note the above observation, as it marks a veritable milestone in the State’s desire to enhance her potentials for transparency, public accountability, good governance and value for money in public procurement.

Our Mission

To work towards the sustainable development of Bayelsa State by ensuring procurement best practice by all MDAs (Ministries, Department and Agencies) enabling Sustainable Development

Our Goals

To improve Good Governance, including transparency, accountability.

To eliminate all forms of fraud and corruption in the public service through the implementation of procurement best practice and regulations.

Our Policies

To support the Bayelsa restoration agenda through transparency initiative by ensuring procurement best practice and the proper coordination of the Bayelsa State Sustainable Development Strategies

News and Events